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Monday, August 8, 2011

Clothesline Praises

"I will sing the LORD’s praise, for he has been good to me."
Psalm 13:6 NIV

Lord, In Jesus' name I want to praise You for the simple things of life.  Thank You for sunshine and fresh sheets, thank You for butterflies and lightning bugs.  Thank You for the joyful smile of a child and a gentle breeze that refreshes us.  Thank You for the life that You have given us in You.  Thank You for the breath and Life of Your Spirit.  Lord I know that in You, ". . . we live and move and have our being. . . " Acts 17:26 NIV  Thank you for the opportunity to share in Your Kingdom and offer others the open door of salvation.  Lord please bless us so that we may be able to bless others.  Please send the aid that Somalia so desparately needs.  Lord, I pray for the family and friends of the service people lost in Afghanistan.  I pray for the people of  Joplin, Japan, Haiti, China, New Zealand and across the globe in the aftermath of the disasters they have endured.  God, we need Your Spirit, we need You.  Lord, I pray for the peace of Israel and the restoration of the land that You promised to Abraham so long ago.  I pray for the Jewish people, that Your will be done in and through them.  I pray for the family of Leiby Kletsky, please cover their anguished hearts.  Lord I pray for the world economic system, but I know that all blessings come from You and that You will provide for Your children regardless of the state of the economy.  Lord, please bring us all to the place in Yourself that You desire each of us to dwell in.  I love and trust You, I know Your Word is True and eternal.  Lord, please set Your angels around us and watch over each of us as we go about our day.  I love You and need You every moment.  Praise You. Amen.


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