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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"The Christian Mama's Guide To Baby's First Year" by: Erin MacPherson

I received a free copy of "The Christian Mama's Guide To Baby's First Year" from in return for this unbiased review.  I received no other remuneration and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

"The Christian Mama's Guide To Baby's First Year" by Erin MacPherson and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers is a light-hearted look at the first year of baby's life from a Christian mother's perspective.  Speaking as a Christian Grandmamma, whose grandson is a month away from his first birthday, her advice is refreshing and her conversational writing style is an easy read.  I only wish that someone had told me that my house, child and life didn't have to be neat and colored coordinated 27 years ago, who knew?  The medical and nutritional advice given by MacPherson is bolstered by experts.  Speaking from experience: I read every book, took every class and tried all the "new" gadgets for both my children,  trends and "medical thought" will change and you will be considered a dinosaur. . . it happens.  MacPherson interjects scripture and prayers that are very heartfelt.  She also includes "The Christian Daddy's Guide to Basics" for the men in our lives.  The index is exceptional to track down specific topics and questions.

One issue that I have with "The Christian Mama's Guide To Baby's First Year" is regarding alcohol consumption.  MacPherson brooches the subject and explains that "pumping and dumping" may not be effective during breast feeding as the body cycles breast milk and all the alcohol may not be expelled.  As a minister, I understand that some denominations allow the drinking of alcohol, but the scripture admonishes us to be, ". . .sober and vigilant (I Peter 5:8).  I would certainly advise Christians to abstain from alcohol.

"The Christian Mama's Guide To Baby's First Year" is a funny and informative book that I would recommend to any young mother, or father.  Babies are wonderful gifts from God and making the most of the time that we have with them when they are little is so vital.  Teaching them about God and allowing them to see us serve and love Him is an awesome gift that we are responsible to give them. 

Rev. Patti Harrison

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