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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Utterly Life Changing. . .

The text of Scripture has been preserved by scribes and scholars in various manners: the physical recording of text on differing mediums, the meticulous copying of the Old Testament by the Masorete Jews, and the preservation of God’s inspired Word by the canonization of Bible books.
The Scripture was recorded on several materials. One material the Bible was recorded on was papyrus, made from beating out the reeds growing in the shallow lakes and rivers of Egypt and Syria. It was shipped to parts of Byblos, hence the word Bible, the modern meaning of which is “book”. Parchment made in Pergamum, manufactured by scraping shaved skins, was utilized; as well as, vellum made from calf skin that was dyed purple and written on in gold or silver ink. Ostraca, or pottery shards and clay and wax tablets were also engraved with a stylus. Inks were composed of charcoal, gum and water and pointed reeds were used to inscribe Scripture on scrolls.
The Masorete Jewish scribes ritualistically copied the text in such a high degree of perfection that they considered the copy more valuable than the original. Thus, many older copies of Scripture are no longer extant.
The choice of books canonized into the Bible was not created by the church; but, they were recognized for inclusion by tests of their spiritual authenticity. Where the books written by a prophet or a spokesman of God? Was the writer confirmed by acts of God? Does the message tell the truth about God? Does the book come with the power of God? Is the book accepted by God’s people? The heresy of Marcion in A.D. 140 prompted the gathering of Scripture for canonization. The Apocrypha has been unilaterally discounted as inspired Scripture by Reformation churches; although, it is included in the Catholic Bible.

The Bible is the God-breathed, inspired Word of God. It is utterly reliable, utterly unchanging and utterly life changing!

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