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Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Jesus, My Father,The CIA, and Me"

I received a complimentary copy of this title from for this reveiw.
I was in no way paid for this review and the opinions expressed in this blog are genuinely mine. . .

 This "Memoir of Sorts," written by Ian Morgan Cron, is the well-crafted and heartfelt story of the journey of a small boy lost in the insanity of a life lived with an alcoholic father into the arms of his loving Heavenly Father.  This book cuts across denominational lines and sheds light on God's true nature, that of a Healer and Redeemer.  Within the first two pages of the book, I laughed and cried as I was drawn into the story of the less than graceful childhood of Ian Morgan Cron.  Cron's stories are poignant and at times humorous, as his foibles and social awkwardness reminded me of my childhood stories.  Your heart will break for Cron as he recalls a band recital his mother missed due to his father's alcoholism.  Cron relates his reaction to the disappointment, "Likewise, there would be no point in my musing out loud how its physically possible for a hole the size of a galaxy to appear in a boy's chest, leaving him desolate, in the mere five seconds it takes to scan a room" (Cron, 2011,91).  Cron's humor is tinged with the sadness of a soul struggling to find God in the ocean of uncertainty; in this, his humor is made all the sweeter.  Tongue in cheek Cron admits he changed some names in his "memoir," to protect the privacy of others.  Cron admits, "For example, my childhood dog's real name was Tigger, but I changed it to Waldo.  He was very private" (Cron, 2011, 4).  This book is a healing voyage that speaks to the brokenness of the human condition and the wholeness that God offers. 

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  1. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for reading the book and giving it such a kind review. Very encouraging. All the best to you and your ministry.

    Ian Morgan Cron


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