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Monday, October 10, 2011


Pic taken at Assateague Island, Virginia 10/10/11

A gray October sky
                               in such a summer place

Long clouds try
                        but cannot the sun displace

A sweet salty breeze
                                with only an edge of fall

Blows my thoughts away
                                       with the seagull's call

Dreams that never
                            saw the light of day

Smolder like an ember
                                    words I dare not say

Sweetly lying words, promise
                                               I will never leave

Barely whispered voices
                                       upon a winter's eve

But in the grace of summer
                                           thriving healthy love

I will remember winter's dearth
                                                  and praise my God above.

Original Poem by Patricia Paige Harrison 10/10/11


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