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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Now Is The Time

            This is a unique time in the history of evangelical missions in the Church.  The world atmosphere is such that change is not only immanent, but constant.  World news is played out daily on a technological stage that is intensely more pervasive than in years past.  Daily newspapers and news casts have evolved into a mega-system of internet information available at one’s fingertips.  The even-newer advent of social networking on sites such as Facebook, and Twitter has accelerated the rate of information being proliferated.  It is utterly fascinating to have witnessed the 9/11 attacks of the last decade via television, as they occurred, and then to see reports of the resultant killing of the perpetrator of these acts in virtual real time.  There were Tweets regarding Bin Laden’s demise before the information officially reached the news stations.  Crowds gathered, informed by Twitter, at Ground Zero before the sun even rose on the news of his death.   The world breathlessly awaits a backlash of retaliation as this drama unfolds further.  In this truly global atmosphere of information transmission it is conclusively possible to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. 

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